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Ball gowns

Seven Sisters Civil War Dresses offers authentic dresses at a great value. Our day dresses and ball gowns are created in the styles worn between 1860 and 1865. Many of our designs come from photographs taken in that time period, as well as Godey’s and Peterson’s fashion plates.

When possible we use historically correct fabric. However, many of these fabric choices are cost prohibitive. In order to give you a beautiful dress at a reasonable price we may use modern fabrics  that  give the same effect. The fabric used is always listed in the item description.

If you see a style you like it can be custom made with a fabric of your choice. The difference in the price of the fabric will be added to the final cost of the dress. If you are looking for an authentic dress, look for the 7 Sisters seal sistermark25. Our dresses are designed to be historically correct with the serious reenactor in mind.

Our Little Sister dresses and accessories provide period correct fashions for young ladies and our line of bonnets, reticules and capes will add the finishing touches to any ensemble.


Shipping is included in our prices within the U.S. on all new and custom items.